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The Women's Institute AM 2022

13th June 2022

On Saturday 11th June, the Women's Institute held its first annual meeting in person in over two years due to Covid-19 restrictions. We were delighted to be able to get a stand to meet around 2,500 of the members from all over the country.

Linda, Alice, and Lesley all made their way to the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool where the meeting was held, and after a brief hiccup entailing getting a little lost, managed to set up the stand and it looked fabulous. Immediately after setting up, many WI members came flooding in and we had a lovely time chatting with many of you. It was particularly great to see that many of the members are interested in setting up groups to go on holidays with and that many do already go away together. 

After the first initial rush, we had time for some downtime and to refill the stand after a busy morning rush! A quieter afternoon gave us more time to speak to everyone interested in group travel, but we still came home empty-handed. We were especially pleased with this as it was the debut of our 2022/23 brochure and it went down a treat, along with our new branded tote bags. 

Overall, exhibiting at the Women's Institute AM was a great success, as we got to meet many new lovely ladies and discuss all their favourite places to travel with them (which is one of our favourite topics, of course!) and hope to be seeing more of them soon!