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Potential Ferry Crossing Between Swansea and Ilfracombe

20th May 2022

A local councilor in Wales has expressed interest in plans for the "Severn link" being revisited, meaning a local ferry crossing between Devon and Wales could be back on the cards. Plans were drawn up just over a decade ago, but funding problems resulted in the project being left. Swansea council has now confirmed that it wishes to find out more details and plans to arrange a meeting with the North Devon council to divulge further.

The journey between the two destinations (Swansea and Ilfracombe) is expected to take around 50 minutes, shaving off around 3 hours compared to travelling by road. Introducing the ferry would be beneficial for both tourism and the environment, with the new hydrogen-powered ferry service making it both easier to get to each destination, as well as reducing the number of cars on the road. 

Ms Saxby, North Devon's MP has said: "I can see south Wales from my North Devon constituency and I'm very keen to secure a ferry crossing from Ilfracombe to south Wales, popular on both sides of the Bristol Channel, with visions ranging from a Dylan Thomas literary tour through to a Barry booze cruise." With ideas such as these on the cards, going to either destination on a group tour could be much more fun being able to travel further in less time.